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Bicycle: Wheels of Revolution

The bicycle was one of the most revolutionizing means to get around. The use of gears, pedals and wheels to move around more efficiently became a worldwide success. Although the initial designs were very unstable and would pose a problem while mounting and dismounting. With the help of science, and a little trial and error, the design was perfected to what we have now.

The physics of bicycles is quite interesting, it utilizes the very fundamentals of conservation of momentum and keeping the center of gravity behind the handlebar to keep the bicycle self-balanced during motion. The positioning of the center of gravity behind the handlebar makes the cycle relatively stable.

Bicycles in today’s world are not only used as urban transportation, but also for off-roading and entertainment/competitive arenas. We started with single gear, a huge front wheel, to the ergonomic design we have now, from laid back bicycles to MTB’s.

All in all, a bicycle is more than just the chassis, gears and tyre, it's what was our first step towards mechanical transportation, from horses and carts to human powered movement.

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