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A quiet place of undisturbed tranquillity; where birds sing melodies, with background voice notes of rustling trees; that is the beauty of Bindeshwar Mahadev also, known as Bindeshwar Mahadev. It is one of that mysterious prestige of India which had been explored by many research teams but no one has ever discovered who made this temple.

The temple is located amidst dense forest of Deodar, Surai and Bhanj trees in Thalisain, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Two routes are commonly used to reach there; the first route is Thalisain- Peethsain- Binsar. There is a motorable road from Thalisain (NH12) to Peethsain (2260metres). From Peethsain, there is a long but gentle trek of 11 kilometres. The second route is Jagatpuri- Chounda- Binsar, which is a steep, uphill trek of around 6 kilometres. Jagatpuri is a roadside market, reachable from Baijro- Uffrainkhal in Garhwal and from Deghat in Kumaon (18 kilometres).

The holy abode consists of sculptures of God Vishnu with Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Mahishasurmardini, God Nandi, God Bhairav, God Hanuman and the God Krishna with Goddess Radha but; mostly, you will find sculptures of god Ganesha and God Shiva in the form of linga.

Every year on the occasion of Baikunth Chaturdashi a fair is organised, at that time this place is in its own beauty. Being a trekker, you can't miss those beautiful mountains, which definitely will make you feel blessed.

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