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Empower your Shakti but embrace your Kali!!

The concept of Women’s day might be known to world since early 20th century but the concept of celebrating feminine power is known to our faith since time immemorial. Feminine is not only about being associated with a gender rather its more about being in connect with the energy that creates, nurtures, and sometimes destroys as well. It is also just not only about to overcome the vices we face outside world but also win the battles we face inside our souls. Our mythology acknowledges various aspects of feminine power. She has been worshiped as Shakti, the creator, and the Infinite (anant) energy form that resides within us and as Kali who is known as destroyer of the evil and the dark and raw side of us.

If we acknowledge the Shakti within us and associate it with our virtues, we should also accept the energy , Kali, that forms a part of us and help us overcome our vices.

So, this day or just any other day celebrate the power that is benevolent, selfless and forgiving. But also embrace the side of you that balances and helps you bring out the strongest and best of you

Happy Women’s Day!!

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1 Comment

Mar 08, 2021

A beautiful post. We often forget to embrace what's so purely within us, the importance of kindness and practice of being nurturing. It's always a blissful feeling. Happy Women's Day.

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