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Evolution of Prototype Car

A prototype of any device is made to show the new developments and adjustments in future versions of the product with relative ease. A prototype of a device is not designed for large-scale production; they are implemented for specific developments. Nowadays prototyping is proving to be important for the automotive industry. The meaning of the word prototype arrived from the Greek word "Proto” and “type" which means in its "primitive form". These prototypes are created to test the changes made to the product in real-world circumstances and hardships.

There are various types of prototypes such as: visual prototypes which only give importance to the appearance of the product but not the functionality. Other than that there is a proof-of-principle prototype that includes the technicality and key functions of the product. Lastly comes the user experience prototype which is the final segment of the product and best suited to present in the market and against the users an outcome of the research.

The automotive industry is one of the largest sectors that attracts a major portion of the audience. Consumers on a worldwide stage have a wide array of choices while purchasing a car so the demand for such prototypes in the market is always on the high and every automotive industry invests in potential prototypes in the long run. When it comes to consumer research and preference prototyping is crucial because it can lead to growth in the production sector and more demand in the market. In India, there are auto-expo and other events where prototypes are showcased by many International companies such as Mercedes, Ford, BMW, and other automotive companies. As every year is passing by, the competition level is also increasing.

The difference between a prototype and a concept car is a rumbling question. A concept car is an idea, a unique bunch of ideas that help to shape the future development of cars. They are not properly evolved in actual vehicle production because concept cars are an incomplete and rare junction of ideas whereas on the other hand prototype is way too different as it is practically presentable in the market and demand and supply are also interconnected with it. Prototypes are the center of attraction whereas the concept cars work behind the limelight. Both of the segments are important for the automotive industry as both the terms hold equal importance according to their work.

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