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Handwritten Letters

There is something about handwritten letters that is unparalleled. “According to the testimony of ancient historian, Hellanicus, the first recorded handwritten letter was written by Persian queen, Atossa, around 500 BC.” It is said that written letters originated in Persia; and ever since it has only evolved. Writing letters to one another was considered to be the most basic form of communication back then. It proved to be one of the most important sources of communication and was used for both personal and professional causes. Gracefully passed on for centuries, it somewhat lost its beauty in modern times. With everything being a click away, people rarely write handwritten letters to each other now. Hand written letters have been replaced by instant messages and emails which lack a sense of inclusivity. There is a more personal touch to the handwritten ones and it comes with loaded emotions. It creates a connection that texts fail to create.

Writing a letter is an art. The entire process of writing and sending letters is not just a topic of nostalgia but also helps us in building our patience. In an era of instant gratification, writing and receiving messages take less than a minute. There’s a loss of personal element in impersonal modes of communication and people have grown to be impatient. There are companies today that draft and post handwritten letters on people’s behalf, just in case they don’t have the time to go through the entire process but still want to make their friends and family feel loved. As they say, “Writing letters is the next best thing to showing up personally at someone’s door”, so go and write a letter to your loved ones today!

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