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Happiness comes in little packets

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Sitting with a hot cup of tea on the balcony on a cold winter night; or enjoying pakoras with your dad in the monsoon listening to him narrate stories of the time when he was young are some moments we should savor.

But we often fail to acknowledge these moments in chasing things that we believe would give us actual happiness. Little things are often overlooked by us because we think that having a good career, and a big house and a lot of other things which makes other happy would make us happy too. We fail to acknowledge the fact that there is no reference point to happiness, and it is mostly found in the most insignificant of things.

Things that you work hard towards achieving surely make you feel satisfied and contented, but as soon as the goal is achieved you start working towards something new. This is just temporary happiness, which demands your time and work. But petting a dog in the street while coming back home, or just laughing at a silly joke from your school days, or calling your mom up to say that you miss her are the actual things one should focus on while walking on the path of life. One should always remember that ‘the art of life is finding happiness in small things '.

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