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If you want to see the colours .. be a butterfly

If we ever wish to change what is going on outside we should be ready to change firstly what is within us.

Nature has its own way of teaching us that dominoes of change is initiated only when we push the first domino. The process is definitely not an easy one but it’s the only way for our growth. One of the most beautiful and intriguing way of understanding this is to look at the way how a caterpillar morphs itself into a beautiful butterfly. The colourful butterfly that it becomes takes place only after it goes through metamorphosis, which is a Greek word, meaning, to transform.

During this process, the caterpillar forms a chrysalis by shedding its own skin, from the outside it might look like a resting stage but from inside the chrysalis, a major transformation is underway, from being a caterpillar to a butterfly is in the works. In the process the entire body of the caterpillar turns into a soup, which is then remodelled in the body of the butterfly.

Likewise for our growth to realise to unveil our true self, we might have to shed many layers of our own perceptions, learnings and ideas from time to time. It pains to leave the old ‘us’ but it’s just the right way to have all the colours of life within us and wings to fly and explore ahead.

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