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Kintsugi : discovering the perfections in imperfections

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

It’s a new day, sun shining bright in the big blue sky, you wake up, budding with energy and suddenly a harsh, cranky voice pierces your ears,” you woke up so early, my lord! Now should I honour you with a stick to your bottom or a shoe to your face? Get out of your bed and get dressed, you shameless person!”. The day begins with shouting, screeching and cursing which begs the question, why does everybody need to be perfect? Why can’t one’s imperfections be embraced?

To help condition your brain without imbibing these orthodox beliefs, let me introduce you to the ancient Japanese art of living the imperfect life – KINTSUGI, the art of mending broken ceramic pots and bowls with a mixture of lacquer and powdered gold, silver or platinum. This art does not hide its flaws and cracks, instead glorifies those damages with precision. This exemplifies the true worth of a being, gently suggesting that yes, imperfections can also be intriguing; it just needs some efforts to let people enfold your blemishes alike the lacquer used to beautify the faults of the pottery. If you engage yourself in tasks that increase your productivity, you’ll never end up losing faith in yourself; instead, you will rise from the ashes, stronger and wiser.

Also, Inference of these broken bowls suggests that an object ought to be useless once broken, but this Japanese art conveys that not everything broken is a waste, it just needs some efforts to redecorate it just as our relationships. There are hard times in a relation, what we need is patience and understanding to resolve these tensions and make it work. History of Kintsugi also believes that this art works as a stress buster and lightens your mood. When you try and mend the two broken pieces, it’s like healing your own wounds, relieving the body and rejuvenating your minds.

Amidst a vast ocean of contemporary practices, try flaunting this traditional therapy. So make a promise to yourself; you will never feel little of yourself and never let others decide your capabilities rather you’ll help yourselves to find your weaknesses and then let kintsugi help you to embrace them.

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13. Jan. 2021

What a beautiful practice. Indeed we can emphasize the power of imperfection, chaos and create something beautiful out of it. Loved this write up and the images that remind us to accept our imperfections and decorate it with love.

Gefällt mir
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