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Jan 26, 2021

72nd republic day

Unfurling of the national flag; magnificent parades by the Army, Navy and Air force; saluting the valorous soldiers of this country; spectacular cultural performances and celebrating the inception of Indian constitution!!

Still, we, the common people, celebrate it as another holiday.

We might gather, hoist the flag together

But again, the next day, they are found in sewer

We forget to respect our own culture; we forget, this country is our own

Not for some hours, not for a day nor till the next dawn

But for ages and eternity our generations pass

For what we owe to our country, alas!

The Republic day’s parade is our opportunity to salute

All the leaders and the soldiers, who had no life route

Let’s join our hands in courtesy

For thanksgiving to our chivalry

And not to wallow out of duty

For anything else, this patriotism should be within!!!

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