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Status Symbol or Addiction?

Tobacco is the enemy, disguised as a friend, and if you are to win the war, you must get to know your enemy.

Smoking is injurious to health but we take pride in laying our death bed. It is like a status symbol to smoke ignoring the consequences of the careless actions. It just costs some money to the smoker but for the people behind them, it costs their entire life. They bear the loss of a loved one and regret not making the person leave smoking.

The second Wednesday of March is celebrated as No Smoking Day. It is an annual health awareness day started in the United Kingdom to help smokers who want to quit smoking forever. But addiction is something that dwells more and more once started. Keeping this in mind the theme for 2021 is 'Give Quitting a Chance.'

We are taught in life that one should not quit but quitting the bad habits is a must for all and it is like an achievement in life. But it is not easy as it looks while saying. Give quitting a chance and start thinking about it. Thinking is your first step to change and will lead you to your destination.

So take small steps to win over addiction. Do not overburden yourself as well as your body. Take help and keep your willpower strong. Remember failure is the stepping stone to success

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