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Stepping into 2021: Have you decided your gift?

New years are all about saying goodbye to the past, stepping into new phases, exploring new ways of celebrating life. Of course it's not just human species celebrating their planet's revoltuions but making endeavors to achieve all that we aspire to with a brand new energy! Talking about new, what else is going to be new year? 2020 came with quite a few shockers but this year we are going to be prepared. With the beginning of a new decade, we would have all those occasions, where we hover over countless online ventures to look for the perfect gifts, staring us in the eyes. Clothes, accessories, bags sure show that you care but under given circumstances, would also make the person think twice before passing their hands through the sleeves. And let us not go to what a hazard sending food may cause! I would tell you what is the one gift I've never seen fail to put a smile on the face of the beholder and assures their safety since it majorly involves looking (not touching!) Plants. Along with a symbol of authenticity, gifting a plant is gifting a life to someone. Not just an element of home décor, a plant shows that you trust them with a responsibility that requires time and care.

I don't need to bore you with the benefits of a plant but I would say this, in times where mankind needs to retrace it's steps towards nature, having a plant at your home or workplace is a virtue in itself. It grows not to be worn out with time but bloom in all its vigour. Who doesn't love the glimpse of a little springtime?

If you're gifting a plant to someone, you'd rather go for a flowering pot or one of those leafy littles instead of a Cactus. While some may misunderstand it for being harsh or insensitive, it actually stands for endurance, persistence and toughness and we know the value of these qualities (thanks to 2020!). Different plants symbolize different feelings.So you can gift a Bamboo for good luck, wealth, prosperity and love or a Peace Lily for purity, innocence and rebirth. Philodendron plant, a gorgeous air-purifying, low maintenance plant signifies health, abundance, growth and love for nature while Money plant typifies good fortune and luck.

"If you talk to plants, they talk back." Now you've gifted them a companion to come home to, a life to take care of, a someone to make them smile, all with the right nurture, and good care.

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