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Storytelling- A timeless art

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

Stories are a form of narrative telling us a series of events that happened. It can be real or fictitious. Innate passion for stories is displayed by children. They bring shine in the eyes of the toddlers and rises curiosity amongst them. Stories build the world of magic and wonder. Telling stories is a unique way to foster a sense of, reverence for and understanding of other cultures and to encourage a positive attitude towards people, races, and religions. Stories are a communal currency of humanity. Universal truths about the universe are revealed in tales. We see how different people share the same lives and how the human spirit can transcend culture through stories.

In our lives, stories serve so many purposes. Stories are about so much more than just reading or listening. They are important in the development of knowledge, society, and emotion. Learning starts with tales we're told by others. Co-creating stories with a parent or colleagues allows our children and students to create stories with others. Adults start "storytelling" by exchanging baby rhymes, songs, and bedtime stories. Then we help you to read and write your own stories. Stories allow us to comprehend ourselves and others. We have compassion for the characters in stories that we know.

Today we see stories in different forms and mediums. They have become a necessity for us in this world of social media. It is suggested to be a storyteller and attract the audience. Stories help us remember and strengthen the skills of imagination. They help us in being creative and engage the audience.

We cannot create a world we can’t imagine and stories are the engines of our imaginations

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Yes stories are the engines of our imaginations

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