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The First Woman Chief Justice of India

Aren't we a little too late for this moment? But I guess it's 'better late, than never'!

The Supreme Court of India was established in the year 1950 and after several decades, we will have our first women chief justice.

On August 31, 2021, the Supreme court of India already set a precedent with the swearing in of 9 judges including 3 women judges, and one of them will be the first CJI by the year 2027. The names were cleared by the Centre in which the Trio of Justice Hima Kohli, Bela Trivedi, and BV Nagarathna will make it the largest appointment of women ever since the establishment of the Supreme Court.

Justice BV Nagarathna is reportedly in the line to become the next CJI in 2027 for the span of 36 days. Her term will be the third shortest as CJI among Justice Kamal Narain Singh who had the shortest tenure of 18 days as CJI in 1991 and Justice S Rajendra Babu had the second shortest tenure of 30 days 2004. After 1950, Fatima Beevi was the first woman judge to get the position among other judges in 1989. Till now India has witnessed only 11 women judge appointments of which three of them were appointed in 2021.

The present 34-member Supreme Court has four women, the 25 High courts in the states have 81 women among 677 judges and five of them don’t have a single women representation. India has now achieved a mere 11% representation of women in the Supreme Court, while we expect at least 50% representation of women in the Indian judiciary.

Our nation is growing, thought at it's own pace, it still is, and as the future that we are I strongly believe it is us, and our actions today that'll help define the progress this nation & all of man-kind will make tomorrow.

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