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The Host - Stephenie Meyer

This book is a beautiful work of fiction by bestselling author Stephenie Meyer. The plot of the book revolves around the invasion of earth by parasitic alien souls that are a threat to the entire mankind. Due to their extremely developed technology and vast knowledge of medicine they can win their battle against the humans until the protagonist of the book was born, the wanderer.

Even being one of the parasitic souls she develops empathy towards her enemy because the body that she takes over is the body of a very tough survivor Melanie Stryder whose soul she is not able to crush even after taking over her body. The story revolves around the challenges that the wanderer faces to fight her battle with Melanie's soul who is still present inside the same body.

The book conveys a very strong message that love is love. It doesn't need the boundary of gender, color, or even species to exist. That you have no control of how much you love, how hard you love, and who you love. This book serves as a treat for readers of multiple genres like science fiction and romance. Although it didn't gain much recognition I would highly recommend this book for anyone who loves work of fiction.

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Mar 01, 2021

Will be gladly reading this, even though her past work (Twilight) is weirdly stupid as hell, this blog supported the idea of her talented writing skills.

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