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The Legend of Princess Suriratna

The mysterious woman from past who dared to dream ..

As the South Korean legends go, more than 2000 years ago ,a legendary princess landed at coast land of a part of eastern South Korea, known as Guemgwan Gaya in a boat from far away land of “Ayuta” .She was sent by her father , who saw a dream where the lords ordered him to send away her daughter to marry the King Suro of Guemgwan Gaya. Popularly known as Heo Hwang-ok , more than 6 million Koreans presently trace their direct lineage to her and King Suro.

There have been many theories that the place “Ayuta” can be present Ayodhya , based on phonetic similarity ,however some evidence also point towards her being a princess of Pandya dynasty of Kanyakumari.

In 2001 a memorial of her was inaugurated by Korean delegation in Ayodhya , in 2018 on the eve of Deepavali celebration, South Korean first lady Kim Jung-sook laid the foundation stone for the expansion and beautification of the existing memorial. As per reports, every year, hundreds of South Koreans visit Ayodhya for paying homage to their legendary queen Heo Hwang-ok.

But the fact can’t be ignored that the Queen might have belonged to Kanyakumari region as according to a research, there are more than 500 Korean words, which have similarity to words found in Tamil language, the world’s oldest one. To different interpretations, the legend definitely lights upon a daughter’s courage to fulfill her father’s dream , moving seven seas and finally being crowned as the Queen of a distant land.

In year 2019 India and South Korea jointly released postal stamps on the theme “Queen Huh Hwang-ok of Korea”.

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Mar 01, 2021

This was beautifully written blog. Yes, I have heard something very similar. Our world is a lot short because of that. No wonder why Koreans and Indians love each other and their content. It was nice to have read this!

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