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The weight of our thoughts

In our imaginary world, where we wish we had Harry Potter’s magical wand or Doremon’s anywhere door, is just a medium for us to impound ourselves of happiness. We are aware that no matter how strong we hold these wishes they aren’t going to come true, we still expect the impossible and immolate our happiness!

We tend to have a vision of what others should do while our vision is still blurred out. When a donkey is tied to a post by a rope, it will keep moving around the post, feeling it is unleashing itself but only becoming more immobilized and tied-up to the post, which is exactly our situation with obsessive thinking to be trapped in our own suffering when we try to escape from our fears and discomfort.

Definitely, thinking is the path to the future of how we see ourselves in ten years from now but imagining the impractical does not help you to stand out against others but forces you out of the race.

But now, the need of the hour is to write down all the impractical, rubbish, obsessive, outrageous thoughts on a paper, read them thoroughly and then burn them till they are not more than a garbage in your head. Begin fresh!! Begin free!!


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priyal agrawal
priyal agrawal
01 mar 2021

On point 💯

Me gusta
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