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Tradition- Geeta Jayanti

Traditions with the modern world can be mould into a new skin, but they never lose their essence. They may be discussed less or people hardly know about them, but still, they hold a lot of importance in our lives. There are people to protect them and spread awareness about the same. One such thing is the GEETA JAYANTI, which is celebrated in December to make people revisit Geeta's enlightening and apply the teaching in your life. This is an initiative to let the younger people read Geeta, which was a tradition in the older times. It allows individuals and families to lead a courageous as well as active and productive life. It is celebrated worldwide; in Malaysia, Gita Jayanti is celebrated annually with the cooperation of different Hindu organizations to create self-realization among all Hindus.

Geeta is a one spot solution to all your problems. It is believed that whenever you are in trouble or in search of some answers, have The Geeta in front of you. Now close your eyes think of your problem, and open it. The page you open has the answer to your questions or issues. Sounds interesting, right? Do let us know in the comments if you have tried this or will do so. Share your views and opinions about The Geeta.

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