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World Pi day

Every year the 14th of march is celebrated as world pi day, after one of the most important and frequently used mathematical constant and to consume a lot of those delicious goodness filled sweet treats. The reason for celebrating this day is when the date is written in the dd/mm format, it comes out to the first three digits of the constant (pi=3.1415…) making it the most suitable candidate for pi day. The concept was first proposed by physicist Larry Shaw in 1998 and has only gained traction ever since. In countries that do celebrate this day, there is usually a pie baking contest, followed by a pie eating contest, a pi recitation contest for anyone who can recite the most digits of the irrational number while maintaining a certain amount of mathematical geekiness in the atmosphere. So go on, embrace the inner geek in you, bake and eat your pies and most importantly, remember your number.

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