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World Radio Day

सुबह उठकर लेते है प्रभु का नाम

शनिवार का दिन और बहुत है काम

नमस्ते आदाब राम राम

आपको हमारा सलाम!!!

आप सुन रहे है FM YUGODAY मेरे यानी RJ Kavya के साथ।

This is how a Radio Jockey begins his monologue, with some twists and turns, creative and innovative thoughts, right?

today is a very auspicious day for our radio jockeys and the complete radio broadcasting media; February 13- World Radio Day.

We always knew traveling overnight means old 90’s songs and our dad's spectacular voice is enough to make us fall asleep. Today we might neglect them and have Bluetooth connections in our cars but there was a time when radio was the only source of news and media. Every morning people used to gather around a tea stall to listen to the latest happenings in and outside the country. Most of them used to enjoy cricket matches over a cup of tea listening to the radio.

Radio is a powerful platform to exhibit peace, love, and entertainment. At the global level, radio has played a major role in reaching the population in every terrain and has helped in shaping the mindset of the audience as it serves different programs, viewpoints, content, and information. There might be rapid changes in technology but what radio has given to society is irreplaceable.

In our generation, we have firesticks, different subscriptions for break-free entertainment which has led to a decrease in patience and perseverance; we’ve become possessive and short-tempered which might take a toll on us in the future. Well, that’s it for today. We’ll meet again another day. Till then stay safe and for more freshly brewed content keep listening (reading) FM YUGODAY

Stay tuned!!!

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