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By the YOUTH For the WORLD

Yugoday is an Editorial here to provide you with a wide spectrum of quality articles and stories covering a variety of  interestingly unheard topics. We pride ourselves in amalgamating traditions and the modern world with our unique editorial touch. 


The name Yugoday speaks for itself. Derived from the parent language, Sanskrit, Yugoday means "Yug-ka-uday" (rise of the era). It is an editorial of the Youth, by the youth, for the world.

Having started with a vision of "inspiring the world to be a better place", Yugoday is not just a pen platform for the Youth, but everyone. Everyone who believes they have something that could do better for us all. Because it all starts with believing in oneself, and the capability of our stories to inspire good. 

About : About
Jayanthi Shailendra


"If we truly believe in ourselves and work for it, then, we can achieve anything in life."


Jayanthi is fond of everything creative; dancing, singing, drawing, and writing. She always aspired to inspire the lives and thinking of people in a positive manner. And to help another uplift their spirits when in need. It's been her dream since the 8th grade to start a Magazine of her own which today with the help and support of her family and friends is happening. 

Jayanthi Shailendra

Meet The Editors




Vibhorika is an Economics graduate from Delhi University and is currently pursuing masters in Mass Communication from Delhi School of Communication. She is extremely inclined towards reading, writing, doodling and spending time with her family. Ironically, she likes to hear people speak, more than she wants to be heard in the room (staunchly introverted!) Safe to say, her words does all the talking. With her words, she aspires to make a change of any degree possible.

Bhargav Pakhare.jpg

Bhargav Pakhare


Bhargav is currently pursuing B.Tech from SGSITS, Indore in the Biomedical field. He has a passion for any and all technological and scientific topics, be it from the start of humanity's expedition on planet earth to the creation of planets and stars. He has a curiosity that takes over while writing with the sole purpose of answering the questions he has and satiating his curiosity, in hopes that others find it as interesting and revealing as he did.

Meet The Team

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