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We always keep a check on our doors and keep them locked, to ensure security. Now, could you ever imagine living without any doors or locks? No right? I mean we definitely don’t want to get robbed or find a stranger looking for something in our fridge the next morning, do we? In India, an average of 75 murders are recorded on a daily basis. and thefts… I’d rather not go there.

Here’s a story about a village with “No Locks or Doors'', Shani Shingnapur located in Nevasa Taluka, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra. This village is known for its popular temple for Lord Shani.

Many years ago, when a Shepherd who was a devotee of Lord Shani touched a black rock with a pointed rod, the rock started bleeding. The entire village gathered around to witness the bleeding stone, for it was a miracle. That night Lord Shani appeared in the Shepherd’s dream and told him that the rock which the shepherd made bleed was his “Swayambhu” avatar; a self-existing avatar. Hearing this, he took Lord Shani’s blessings and asked Shani dev if he could build a temple for him. To this, lord Shani replied saying, “I have the massive sky to reside in, so why would I live under a roof? Rather perform ‘taila abhishek’ puja every Sunday, I will assure the village to never suffer any kind of theft or loss.”

Hence the shepherd built a temple with no walls or roof. At present Lord Sanaishwar temple, also known as jeet devasthan (alive temple) is located in the heart of the village with no walls or roof. It is believed that if someone even tries stealing then they either become blind or die. Now, it is also said that a visit to the temple ensures that Lord Shani will grant happiness throughout your life. But more than anything else it is about believing that something like this is true. We don’t know for sure if this is so, but it is definitely possible if one has faith in spirituality, and themselves.

It is also said that a visit to the temple ensures that lord Shani will grant happiness throughout your life. But isn't it that if you chose to be happy then you may remain happy and cheerful? Does that place have such magical powers that one just has to move a step there and all his problems are sorted, and he will stay happily after? Then why do people go to doctors or a counsellor? So, all of it is religious. if you have a belief and trust in it then this will work on you or else not.

The Village of Shani Shignapur has clearly been blessed to the extent that none of us can imagine in times like today! It is mainly because people have faith in their Lord and believe that whatever happens, is with their Lord’s consent. Now, here’s a very surprising and interesting thing. The village even has a “lockless” UCO bank, and no theft, or murder has ever taken place. Surprised right? So are we!

This isn’t about believing in someone in particular, but for all.

Where there is faith and honesty, miracles happen.

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